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Welcoming Costa Rica's Green Season

We’re welcoming Costa Rica’s green season here in Manuel Antonio! While Costa Rica is known as a tropical and sunny paradise year round, many people prefer cooler temperatures, don’t mind a little rain and take advantage of the green season benefits in Costa Rica.Keep in mind that even during the green season, although the [...]

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Celebrating Earth Day in Costa Rica

Earth day is celebrated on April 22 when global events are held supporting protection of the environment. The first event held in 1970 first raised environmental issues before a mass audience when Fifth Avenue in New York was shut down and 1 million people attended the Central Park celebration.Earth Day Network is the non-profit organization [...]

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Semana Santa Makes a Vacation to Costa Rica Unforgettable

Costa Rica remains one of the most beautiful countries travelers can visit. All throughout the year, there are many festivities and events that liven up life here, creating memorable moments for tourists.Among the most popular and enjoyable of all the events is Semana Santa, the Easter Holy Week. Fun and unforgettable activities take place all [...]

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Celebrating Juan Santamaria Day

Juan Santamaria Day in Costa Rica is celebrated as a national holiday with special events including festivals and rodeos to honor the country’s military hero. Juan Santamaria became an unlikely hero in 1854, when as a young boy from a lowly background, he managed to save his country from slavery in a simple act of [...]

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Costa Rica's Cup of Excellence

For coffee lovers, Costa Rica is a great place to be. The very best coffee in the nation is discovered each year in Costa Rica’s Cup of Excellence competition run by the Institute of Costa Rican Coffee and the Association of Fine Coffees. This highly prestigious award is only granted after intense scrutiny from the judges [...]

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An Introduction to Coffee Growing Regions in Costa Rica

Many people aren’t properly awake before they had their first cup of coffee. And many don’t give the origin of what’s in their cup a second thought. But here’s a little information on what you’re brewing when you buy Costa Rica coffee from Cafe Milagro.Costa Rica’s coffee production started in 1779 in Meseta Central, because [...]

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An Overview of the World's Coffee Growing Regions

Coffee is grown in what is known as the “equatorial belt” which is the area that lies between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This includes about fifty countries around the world but the more celebrated coffees hail from East Africa, Latin America and the Asia Pacific regions.Expert coffee professionals involved in the trade are [...]

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The Health Benefits of Coffee

People around the world love coffee. Statistics show that 100 million people in the United States drink it daily and a large majority vow that they absolutely must have a cup to help start the day.The great news is that numerous studies have found coffee to have some very beneficial effects, and health wise it [...]

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The Culture and History of Café Milagro

At Cafe Milagro, we’re excited to be approaching 20 years in business here in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. As we take a look back, we are so very proud of what we’ve accomplished and our continued growth in bringing our customers the finest Costa Rica coffee as well as supporting our local community.It all [...]

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