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Introducing the Pura Vida Package—an exquisite blend of flavor, style, and sustainability that brings the rich essence of Costa Rican coffee right to your fingertips.

Café Milagro Coffee (4 Bags): Immerse yourself in the captivating taste of Costa Rica with our carefully selected Café Milagro coffees. Sourced from the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, each bag encapsulates the magic of Pura Vida living. Roasted to perfection, these beans deliver a symphony of flavors, from velvety chocolate undertones to hints of citrusy brightness. It's not just coffee; it's a journey to the heart of Costa Rican coffee culture.

Madera Mugs (2): Elevate your coffee experience with our exclusive Madera mugs. These mugs are a testament to the artistry and authenticity of Pura Vida living. The unique finish and design make every sip a moment of pure pleasure. Share the warmth of Café Milagro coffee with a loved one as you clink your Madera mugs together in celebration of life's simple joys.

Signature Cotton Tote: Carry your love for Costa Rica wherever you go with our signature cotton tote. Emblazoned with the spirit of Café Milagro, this tote is more than a bag—it's a statement. Durable and effortlessly stylish, it's the perfect companion for your daily adventures. Whether you're headed to the market or the beach, let this tote be a symbol of your commitment to a life well-lived.

Indulge in the Pura Vida, where every element is curated to enhance your coffee ritual and embrace the essence of Costa Rican living. Unbox a world of flavor, craftsmanship, and sustainability—all in one delightful package.