Unveiling the Art of Roasting Café Milagro Coffee: A Journey to Perfection

Unveiling the Art of Roasting Café Milagro Coffee: A Journey to Perfection

Posted by Travis Day on 26th Jul 2023

There's a captivating aroma that fills the air when you step into a specialty coffee shop like Café Milagro, luring you in with its inviting warmth. Have you ever wondered what creates that delightful scent?

Join us as we take a deep dive into the captivating world of coffee roasting, exploring the intricate process that brings out the best in every Café Milagro bean.

The Birth of Flavor

Coffee beans, in their raw form, are green, bland, and quite different from the rich, aromatic coffee we savor in our cups. Roasting is the transformative step that brings these humble seeds to life, awakening a symphony of flavors and aromas. This crucial process happens at the hands of skilled artisans known as coffee roasters.

Selecting the Perfect Beans

Before the magic of roasting can begin, one must choose the right beans. Coffee is a product of its origin, and each region imparts unique characteristics to the beans grown there. We carefully select beans from specific regions or even single estates within Costa Rica, considering factors like altitude, climate, soil, and processing methods. Each choice leads to a distinct flavor profile in the final cup.

The Roasting Process

The art of coffee roasting is a blend of science, experience, and intuition. The primary objective is to apply heat to the beans in a way that evenly and thoroughly cooks them, unlocking the hidden flavors. The journey from green to roasted is divided into different stages:

1. Drying Phase: At the beginning of the roast, the beans are dried to eliminate any residual moisture. The beans will undergo a series of physical and chemical changes during this stage.

2. Maillard Reaction: As the temperature increases, the beans undergo a chemical reaction known as the Maillard reaction. It's during this phase that the beans turn from green to brown, and the aroma starts to develop.

3. First Crack: After a certain point in the roasting process, the beans will emit an audible cracking sound called the "first crack." This is an essential milestone indicating the beans are starting to expand and release oils.

4. Development Phase: We carefully control the time and temperature of the roast to achieve the desired flavor profile. The longer the beans roast, the darker they become and the more oils are brought to the surface.

The Art of Timing

Roasting is not just about reaching a particular color; it's a delicate balance of time and temperature. A few seconds can be the difference between a medium roast with a fruity aroma and a dark roast with smoky undertones. At Café Milagro we carefully monitor the process, relying on our senses and over twenty years of experience to determine when the beans are perfectly roasted.

Cooling and Resting

Once the beans reach the desired roast level, they are quickly cooled to stop the roasting process. Proper cooling ensures the flavors are preserved and prevents over-roasting. After cooling, the beans go through a resting period where they de-gas and release excess carbon dioxide. This step is crucial as freshly roasted beans need time to achieve their full potential.

The Artistry in Crafting Blends

Beyond single origin roasts, many coffee roasters showcase their artistry by creating unique blends. A blend is a combination of different beans with varying characteristics, each contributing to a balanced and harmonious cup of coffee. The goal is to create a blend that highlights the best of each bean, resulting in a delightful and complex flavor profile, as tasted in our world-famous Dark RoastLight RoastEspresso, and Peaberry blends.

The End Result

The art of roasting coffee is a fusion of science, skill, and passion. It is a journey that begins with the selection of exceptional beans and culminates in the creation of a sensory masterpiece. Café Milagro, with expertise and dedication, takes pride in crafting unique flavors that mesmerize your taste buds and enrich your coffee experiences. 

So, the next time you savor that enchanting cup of Costa Rica's finest coffee, remember the alchemy that occurred behind the scenes, and appreciate the tireless efforts of the roasters who made it possible.